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Collectible Magazine – serving those who seek ongoing insight about Virginia City, NV one of our National Register of Historic Places…

Why – I decide to bring the concept of Virginia City Inside Magazine to life for the World? M Kameron Hawkins

Answer – The community that enjoys the history of Virginia City, NV respected via those people and businesses are proud about being a part of this National Historical Landmark.

I consider myself an outsider similar to my 1.6 million plus readers of the Great Basin Highway Magazine that now receive the Virginia City Insider Magazine every quarter… with one main difference… I moved to Virginia City, NV in June 2020 as my main residence… I’m loving it…

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“Thank you again and enjoy our latest edition of Virginia City Insider Magazine”
M Kameron Hawkins Founder & Publisher

Attention: Only businesses in Storey County, NV or Virginia City Inside Board Members can advertise with a 1/2 page for life $1,500 – Full page for life $2,500 or two page spread for life $4,500 after meeting with our publisher for review and placement in person one-on-one. (Understanding the Virginia City Insider is for those businesses that clearly see Virginia City, NV as a tourist destination and not a tourist trap…)

“Look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming VC sponsored events”
Bri Savage Editor & Chief

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